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Vampire Chronicles Icons
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As long as the icons have something, in one way or another, to do with the VC anything is welcome. Anne Rice icons are welcome here as well as icons from the now-defunct musical "The Vampire Lestat" by Elton John.

But this is strictly a community for VC icons only. if you want various other VC related graphics please go to the_dark_gift This community is for icons only. All posts that are NOT icon-related (icon-related: posting icons, requesting icons and so forth. Not icon-related: banners, wallpapers, RPG ads and many other similar things) will be deleted without further explanation. Although if you post them with VC-related icons, then an exception will be made.

Posting guidelines:

No friends-only icon journals/communities (in the post or posting), that's just rude. As a side-not I do check member entries to this community from time to time to make sure all links are public. If There's a single entry that links to a locked icon journal/community it will be deleted as soon as I find it.

Icon journals are allowed (either posting or in the post itself), however, if and only IF they are public.

No posts without icons or referring to icons. I won't allow it. If I see one it will be immediately deleted.

No community promo posts no matter how related it is to the community. The posts WILL get deleted.

No introduction posts UNLESS they have icons...no exceptions.

If I seem a little strict, I don't mean to be, but I've seen far too many good VC communities ruined because of the lack of decent posting guidelines and I just don't want this community cluttered with OT-ness.
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